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We currently operate as ten teams or departments. New volunteers are encouraged to join a team or teams, according to their interests and abilities. Click here to learn more about each team and how the organization works. Meet our volunteers!

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Our History

We acknowledge the efforts and enthusiasm of the people whose idea for a community radio station came long ago, and the spirit that has carried the idea through to this incarnation. A meeting was organized in May of 2023 and society registration soon followed. A Comox Valley Community Broadcasting Society stream was first launched on June 2, 2023 by Julian Rendell. On June 3 a stream with station IDs was launched by Jean Sarrazin. On July 2 Mike Werth launched a cloud-based station at cvox.ca which streamed until January 2024. During the Woodstove Festival in November 2023 a very low power FM transmitter was set up temporarily in Cumberland to broadcast during the Festival. In January 2024 the cloud service changed under the leadership of Marc Gerrard.

Governing Documents